Chassis Straightening

Whenever you’re in an accident, there is a good chance that the chassis will be deformed by the force of the impact. As the framework that holds your entire vehicle together, a bent chassis can lead to a host of problems, and if you’re unlucky enough to be in a second accident with a bent chassis, the results would be disastrous.

Here at Unique Panels, we are equipped with Autorobot chassis aligners that allow our skilled technicians to return your vehicle to its original shape.

Panel Beating & Paintless Dent Repair

Here at Unique Panels, our expert panel beaters can perform any and all panel beating you might need, from repairing heavy smashes all the way to paintless dent repair for small dents that don’t scratch the paintwork. Paintless dent repair is fantastic as it saves a lot of time compared to conventional panel beating, and therefore saves you money! The only catch is that it requires highly skilled and specifically trained panel beaters. Luckily, Unique Panels has plenty of those on hand!

Spray Painting

Here at Unique Panels, our expert spray painters are equipped with digital paint matching technology and world-leading Debeer paints, and a lowbake oven to allow faster drying with less risk of contamination, to provide you with the perfect finish, each and every time.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of other services as part of our comprehensive repair service, including:

  • Corrosion repairs
  • Measuring and jigging systems
  • Towing
  • Windscreen repairs
  • Spot welding
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • Detailing
  • Loan cars available (booking essential)
  • Pick up and drop off service available for the local area (booking essential)